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Like it or not, mobile sexting with ipad iphone or windows phone have become the wave of the future. It’s changed the way we meet people, date and hookup. These days it just takes a swipe to live a trendy sexual lifestyle. Trying to get a good casual encounter app, however, has been difficult. Casual Encounter Apps have only been around a short while and several of them have run into censorship and/or legal issues. We’re here to help you get the best apps out there that will help you get laid from a hot user. Right now there are only a few truly great ones but as this is a market that will be expanding and growing as time goes on, we’ll be here to help you flirt through the world of iphone follower dating.

4. Grindr

Yes, this is a gay only online dating app so if you’re straight this dating app doesn’t apply to you. It’s on the list because it’s an app done to perfection. We love this dating app and as soon there is a hetero counterpart to grindr, then every single guy and girl the US will be happy.

3. Bang With Friends

This idea here is awesome if your a guy looking for a girl. You sign in through facebook and select which girls your think are hot (or “bangable”) then if they choose you too there’s a match and you can arrange a hookup. Everything is discreet until you’ve chosen each other and no one else needs to know so it’s a little dirty and a lot of sexy. The only problem is… How many girls do you know will sign up for a service called “bang with friends”? I’ve heard several positive reviews but it has also faced issues with the apple itunes store and may/may not be available soon. Iphone Ipad, and social media users should get this before it’s too late. It’s the app iphone doesn’t like.

2. Tinder

Tinder combines “hot or not” with a dating service. Tinder uses GPS to serve you pics of girls/guys in your area and you click on their icon if you like them. If they click on you too then there’s a match and you two can start chatting and whatever else you want to do. This is (as of now) a no cost app and it’s become really popular over the last few months. It’s functionality is awesome, the girls are hot, and it’s friggin’ free! The only problem I’ve noticed is this… It’s overly addicting and just like anything that’s overly addicting, people tend to get sick of it after a few weeks and move on to something new. I’ve known people that have already gone through a couple cycles of loving and hating Tinder. Regardless of how you will eventually feel about it, you MUST try it if your looking for something better than a craigslist casual encounter. As always, don’t forget to read their privacy policy.

1. AdultFriendFinder Mobile

No this isn’t an app, but it is the best way to land a hookup through your phone. They are optimized for mobile dating so you won’t be squinting and trying to navigate a desktop version. Also, it won’t show up on your phone’s app list which can look weird if someone ever gets a hold of your phone. It’s the tried and true way to score a hookup online whether you’re on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone.

People may wonder why I didn’t include Craigslist, iDate, POF, Snapchat, Zoosk, OkCupid, Instalike or Blackbook on this list. Well, the simple answer is because they aren’t very good. I wanted you to see best ways to meet someone in your area that you could have a casual encounter with, so I choose to use the services/apps with the best chance of success for you. This is an ever changing market so let me know of any new apps you recommend in the comments below…

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