Married and Lonely Women Love Young Guys

   The desire for married women to be attracted to and wish to have a relationship with a younger man is not really new. But over the past two decades, the actual number of married and lonely women seriously seeking to date younger men has grown in popularity, and to some extent, at least, in acceptance as well. According to a study conducted recently by an online dating service, over 210,000 married women over 45 are actively seeking younger men to date.

   The phenomenon has become so common in popular culture that new terms have arisen to describe those involved in this type of relationship. Married and lonely women seeking younger men are popularly known as ‘cougars’ and the younger men they date are called ‘cubs.’ A TV show has even been written that centers around these relationships.

Why Are Married and Lonely Women Attracted to Younger Men?

   There are actually various reasons why so many women have joined this trend. Younger men are full of energy, and help keep their partners young as well. They tend to come with less baggage than older men, who often have to contend with ex-wives and child support. The psychological factors involved in feeling good about themselves when they are seen out and about with a good-looking young man in tow are fairly obvious. Ask any older man who’s had a relationship with a very much younger woman.

Why Do Some Younger Men Embrace This Idea?

   Some younger men feel that women in their age group are shallow and uninteresting, thinking only of themselves, and bringing nothing of value to a relationship. Some younger men may feel more confident having an older partner to help them make decisions, or who can be beneficial to them in their careers. Men can feel more comfortable with a woman who owns her home, has a job and can pay her own bills.

How to Attract Younger Men

   Women seeking to attract the attention of younger men need to be a little more aware of some things, such as their dress, make-up, physical fitness, diet etc. To catch the interest of a younger man, women need to have some element about themselves that makes them stand out from the crowd. Younger men, who by definition are not experienced in relationships, have not yet learned that beauty is on the inside. Physical appearance matters to them.

Where to Look for Younger Men

   Women can look for younger men in all the same traditional places they look for men their own age. Attending social gatherings or frequenting social clubs is always a possibility. They can be found all around, in the workplace, restaurants, libraries, book stores. Starting conversations with an attractive stranger is always worth a try, one never knows what it can lead to.

Online Dating Sites

   With the rise in interest in this phenomenon, it is to be expected that online dating sites would spring up to meet the need. These days, this may be the very best way to meet that younger man of your dreams, since the men who sign up for them are already indicating an interest in older women. To get you started, here are just a few of the available online sites that exist especially for older women/younger men relationships:



   Remembering that there are many reasons why women may seek younger men, and men may seek older women, finding the right match online may very well be the way to go. Profiles of the individuals can give you a small insight into the person and help determine whether or not to pursue that individual further.

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